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This important section of the article takes a closer look at the external amenities that new Cybergreen residents can look forward to. It also necessarily takes a quick tour of what residents can expect to enjoy indoors and throughout their garden-themed communal spaces. Along with the green aspect and instant access to Wi-Fi, is the important aspect of security which, of course, if it is properly implemented, gives all and sundry peace of mind.

Safe as houses

Each home has its own perimeter fence to secure itself with. Twenty four hour security with CCTV installations is in place across the board. Security is not just a matter of stating the obvious. To assist residents with their housekeeping and own risk management, onsite property management services are available to take care of maintenance and home improvements. This is also indicative of allowing residents their own space to develop their properties as they deem fit, but always, of course, within the ambit of Cybergreen’s laid down ethos of green living and picturesque houses surrounded by its gardens.

Sustainability through the sharing of space

Incidentally, these landscaped gardens have added but surprising value. The encouragement given is to share communal space. To this end, the landscaping done caters for a cluster of four homes located on land approaching a hundred square meters. Speaking of community, residents and their children can meet up in other spaces which will be highlighted below.

For now though, focus turns back to the indoors. As was mentioned earlier, each resident is empowered to monitor just how much energy and water they are using. But the access given to residents in this regard has been rather generous.

The communal landscape

It seems to be the case that Suntrust have invested a great deal of time and project development in ensuring that residents have as much as possible to look forward to with the caveat that it will all be shared. Let us start with the children.

Children to be seen and heard – All children have playgrounds to look forward to. To complete their school projects successfully and on time, they also have their own library to look forward to. And in keeping with the cyber-connectivity theme, the kids even have their own science school to turn to.

Grownups play too – They gather at their local clubhouse to plan their weekends together. Basketball tourneys can be arranged too. But the clubhouse is also ideal for special occasions such as weddings and happy anniversaries. Perhaps though, residents would much rather make use of the gazebo.

Transport is sustainable too – Leave the car in the garage. No need to burn up the environment unnecessarily, not since, pleasingly, local public transport has been provided. Cybergreens has a daily shuttle service in place which connects residents to exterior nodes.

  • Technology-themed neighborhood
  • Landscaped entrance and perimeter fence
  • Wide entrance road
  • 24-hour security system with CCTV camera
  • Directory of homeowners at the guardhouse
  • Landscaped garden for every cluster
  • Multi-purpose hall; basketball court; gazebo; and themed pocket parks
  • Homeowners’ association office
  • Science school
  • Children’s library
  • Cable, telephone, and broadband-ready lines
  • Ample water and power supply
  • Wi-Fi access at selected common areas
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