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It is understandable to imagine that living here must be bliss. But there is also an element of reality. The developer and its partnering property agents and managers have seen to it that all residents have access to their own homeowner’s association. Things could go wrong and even in this green village, things could go bump in the night. To settle disputes or issues of concern is always ideal and pragmatic.

An ideal place to raise a family

The main attraction for potential investors is that this secure living environment is ideal for raising young families. Added impetus as an investment is that this amenable and still central location is well within the reach of low to middle income earners. The bone of contention as to whether two bedrooms will be enough remains. But perhaps readers need to be reminded once more of the values of sharing living space.

Perhaps two young children to a bedroom is not asking much. In any case, it is already indicative of Filipino life where exterior living space has, in any case, always been something of a challenge. And what has happened here at Cybergreens is that the inventive utilization of small living spaces, if that is what it is, makes a great contribution towards living sustainably and preserving the environment. And it is done amicably enough through sharing. Of course.

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